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Whether bed linen, table cloth, blouse or uniform; bath towel or curtain: perfect cleanliness is an absolute Must, especially in the hotel-, gastro- and catering industry but also in homes, hospitals and in large companies, in the industry and in private homes.

For more than 40 years, Prohotel provides excellent laundry services from A to Z. What has started with 3 hotels in Zurich in cooperation with former Swissair is a successful industrial laundry today who handles more than 4000 tons of customer laundry annually.

Clever processes, gentle laundry treatment and sustainability are central values for us. With this we achieved a reduction of energy consumption by 50%, received several quality certificates and meet the strictest environmental criteria’s.

Elis (Suisse) AG
Zweigniederlassung | Oberfeldstr. 24 | CH-8302 Kloten | Phone +41 44 816 91 91 | ch.kloten@elis.com