Laundry rental

Easy, affordable, reliable and always like new: with laundry rental Elis (Suisse) offers you a comprehensive service from which you can only benefit – like 95% of our hotel customers.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Constant availability: your company can count on enough immaculately clean laundry at any time. Prohotel has seven times the quantity on stock and continuously replaces defective items.
  • Maximum cost optimising: no monthly fix costs, no need for a staffed in-house laundry, for an own laundry stock and no need to by laundry yourself. Additionally you save the amortisation of the machinery, building costs or renovations, the replacement of machinery and the pro rata costs for the building.
  • Full cost transparency: our prices are open and transparent. You pay only the actual consumption and not flat rates.
  • Exact calculation: the laundry costs per hotel room and night can be exactly calculated.
  • No risk: the goods risk rests 100% with Elis (Suisse), the risk of theft as well. Laundry lifetime is about 3 years or 150 washes. Every year we buy new laundry items for about 1 mio. CHF, you profit from our special purchasing conditions as well.
  • One point of contact: just give us a call – we pick up, clean, deliver and replace if necessary.

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