The hearts of the modern machinery are two high performance washing lines, which wash the laundry in several steps at low temperature. The level of soiling is measured automatically and ensures together with the computer-controlled central dosing system that the correct amount of detergent is added at any time.

The capacity of the two washing lines is approx. 2 tons per hour. Every 2 minutes a new load of 50 kilos dry laundry can be filled in. After the cleaning process, the rinsing water flows back into the water circuit, reducing the water consumption for 1 kg laundry to only 4.4 litres – a fraction of what a common household washing machine needs.

The washing lines can be used for flat textile products as well as duvets, sheets, bath towels and coloured textiles.

The high performance machinery is complemented by 7 washer extractors with a volume from 7 up to 150 kg dry weight. They are especially suitable for flat textile products, special laundry in small amounts or for special wash- and treatment procedures.

After the laundering process, the fresh laundry is press-dried with a pressure of 40 bar to a residual moisture of 45%, loosened and dried in gas heated tumblers before it is finally moved to the finish.

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